Differential Pressure Gauges

Differential Pressure Gauges

Differential Pressure Gauges

Western Gauge & Instruments (WGI) prides itself on being industry innovators in Differential Pressure Gauges. By continually offering and using the latest in technology and measurement solutions, WGI has a long-standing reputation of providing top quality products using the best of materials and workmanship.

All WGI Differential Pressure Gauges products are manufactured in an ISO 9001 Certified facility and have appropriate Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN) where applicable.

Differential Pressure Gauges

Product Description:
A low cost differential pressure gauge for use in measuring the pressure drop across filters, strainers, separators, valves, pumps, chillers, etc. and for local flow indication and control.

Differential pressure is sensed by the movement of a floating piston magnet against a calibrated spring. The gauge pointer, outside the pressure housing, follows the movement of the piston magnet and indicates differential pressure. Available with magnetically actuated hermetically sealed CSA listed reed switches to provide high and low limit alarm or control.

An optional maximum indication follower pointer provides automatic indication of maximum differential occurring during a time period or system cycle. Reversed pressure ports are available as an option when installing for readability depending on which side of a filter, etc.,

Case Material
• Corrosion resistant steel case and ring / 304 SS

Fill Fluid
• Dry or silicon

Lens Material
• Acrylic or glass

• White aluminum with black lettering

• Black aluminum

• ± 3%-2%-3% ASME B40.1 Grade B

Tube & Socket
• Bourdon tube 304 SS, Socket carbon steel / 316SS

Temperature Limits
• -4°F — 140°F (-20°C to 60°C) ambient and medium

• 2½”, 4″

Our WGI Differential Pressure Gauges have the following Build of Materials and Product Specifications:

Case MaterialCorrosion resistant steel case and ring / 304 SS
Fill FluidDry or silicon
Lens MaterialAcrylic or glass
PointerBlack aluminum
Accuracy± 3%-2%-3% ASME B40.1 Grade B
Tube & SockeBourdon tube 304 SS, Socket carbon steel /
Temperature Limits-4°F — 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
ambient and medium
Sizes2½”, 4″


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