1441E Digital Min-Max Thermometer

1441E Digital Min-Max Thermometer

1441E Digital Min-Max Thermometer

Western Gauge & Instruments (WGI) prides itself on being industry innovators in 1441E Digital Min-Max Thermometer. By continually offering and using the latest in technology and measurement solutions, WGI has a long-standing reputation of providing top quality products using the best of materials and workmanship.

All WGI 1441E Digital Min-Max Thermometer products are manufactured in an ISO 9001 Certified facility and have appropriate Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN) where applicable.

1441E Digital Min-Max Thermometer

Product Description:
This thermometer is designed to read the temperature from two different probes on 9’9″ (3 Meter) cables. It records the minimum and maximum temperatures for the current 24 hour period and for six previous periods. The advanced microprocessor circuit allows the thermometer to collect temperature data while the display is turned off. This saves battery life and only operates the LCD display during the time it is needed to read the temperature and recall any min/max data.

• Plastic

• 20°F — 120°F (-29°C — 50°C)


• ± 1.8°F or 1°C

Our WGI 1441E Digital Min-Max Thermometer have the following Build of Materials and Product Specifications:

Range20°F — 120°F (-29°C — 50°C)
Accuracy± 1.8°F or 1°C
Part NumberTemperature Range
1441E20°F — 120°F

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