Thermocouple & RTD's

Thermocouple & RTD’s

Thermocouple & RTD’s

Western Gauge & Instruments (WGI) prides itself on being industry innovators in Thermocouple & RTD’s. By continually offering and using the latest in technology and measurement solutions, WGI has a long-standing reputation of providing top quality products using the best of materials and workmanship.

All WGI Thermocouple & RTD’s products are manufactured in an ISO 9001 Certified facility and have appropriate Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN) where applicable.

Thermocouple & RTD’s

Product Description:
JMS Southeast – Provides quality temperature measurement products that are NIST certified and traceable to ITS 90 and IPTS-68. Products include; miniature and industrial thermocouples, bayonet and plastic melt sensors, resistance temperature devices (RTD’s), thermowells, protection tubes and coatings, thermocouple and RTD wire, transmitters, thermistors and specialty sensors designed to fit your needs.

Base Metal
• Types Type J, K, T, E and N

Noble Metal Types
• Type R, S and B

Element Options
• Standard and special limits of error, grounded, ungrounded or exposed junctions, single and multiple element construction, standard and high purity mgo insulation

Lead Termination Options
• Plugs, jacks, spade lugs and special connectors

Sheath Materials
• 304/310/316/446 SS, Inconel 600, Nicrobell and H-2300

Sheath Diameters
• 1/16″, 1/8″, 3/16″, 1/4″ or 3/8″

Connection Heads
• General purpose and explosion proof

Products Catalogue
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Download more in-depth technical specifications for our line of Thermocouple & RTD’s by clicking on any of the above literature thumbnails.

For almost 15 years, ValvSource America has continually committed itself to offer the best Thermocouple & RTD’s products to meet a wide range of applications and requirements.

As an industry leader, ValvSource America has your perfect Thermocouple & RTD’s solution. Our success in the valves industry is attributed to our customer-centric team of sales personnel, engineers, and trained staff that are collectively committed to providing quality products at a price you would come to expect.

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